fpgaflash [-h] {user,factory,factory_only,eeprom,bmc_bl,bmc_app,bmc_fw,bmc_img,bmc_factory,dtb} file [bdf]


fpgaflash updates both FPGA images and firmware in the flash memory device on Intel® FPGAs.

If there are multiple devices in the system, the fpgaflash command must specify a BDF to select the correct device. If you do not speciy the BDF, fpgaflash prints out the BDFs of any compatible devices.



Some image types are not available for all PACs. The following table lists the image types and their availability.

| Image type | Intel PAC Arria 10 GX FPGA | Intel PAC D50005 Stratix 10 FPGA| Usage | | ———–|————————- | ——————————– |——————— | | user| Yes | Yes | Only reprograms the user image in flash. | | factory | Yes | Yes | Reprograms the entire flash. A catastrophic failure during a factory update such as a power outage requires a USB cable and quartus_pgm to recover. | | factory_only | No | Yes | Only updates the factory image in page 0.| | eeprom | Yes | Yes | EEPROM update. | | bmc_bl | Yes | No | Intel FPGA PAC BMC boot loader update.| | bmc_app | Yes | No | Intel FPGA PAC BMC application update. | | bmc_fw | No | Yes | BMC firmware update. | | bmc_img | No | Yes | BMC image update. | | bmc_factory| No | Yes | BMC factory image update. | | dtb | No | Yes | Updates the device tree data structure.|



Specifies the Raw Programming Data File (rpd) to program into flash.


Specifies the bus, device and function (BDF) of device to program such as 04:00.0 or 0000:04:00.0. This flag is optional when there is a single device in the system.


-h, --help

-n, --no-verify Do not read back flash and verify after writing.

-y, --yes Answer Yes to all confirmation prompts


fpgaflash user new_image.rpd 0000:04:00.0

Programs new_image.rpd to flash of device with BDF 0000:04:00.0.

## Revision History ##
Document Version Changes
2019.05.13 Made the following changes: Added support for storing many additional image types, including BMC, Nios II firmware, the factory image, and the device tree data structure.
2018.05.21 No changes from previous release.