fpgad --daemon [--directory=<dir>] [--logfile=<file>] [--pidfile=<file>] [--umask=<mode>] [--socket=<sock>] [--null-bitstream=<file>] fpgad [--socket=<sock>] [--null-bitstream=<file>]


fpgad periodically monitors and reports the error status reflected in the device driver’s error status sysfs files. fpgad establishes the channel to communicate events to the Open Programmable Accelerator Engine (OPAE) application. fpgad programs a NULL bitstream in response to an AP6 (power) event. fpgad is only available on the Integrated FPGA Platform. You cannot run fpgad on the Intel® Progammable Accelerator Cards (PACs).

If your system does not support interrupts, you must run fpgad before the API calls fpgaRegisterEvent and fpgaUnregisterEvent can succeed.

Use SIGINT to stop fpgad.

-d, --daemon

When specified, fpgad executes as a system daemon process.

-D, --directory <dir>

When running in daemon mode, run from the specified directory.
If omitted when daemonizing, `fpgad` uses /tmp.

-l, --logfile <file>

When running in daemon mode, send output to file. When not in daemon mode, the output goes to stdout.
If omitted when daemonizaing, fpgad uses /tmp/fpgad.log.

-p, --pidfile <file>

When running in daemon mode, write the daemon's process id to a file.
If omitted when daemonizing, fpgad uses /tmp/fpgad.pid.

-m, --umask <mode>

When running in daemon mode, use the mode value as the file mode creation mask passed to umask.
If omitted when daemonizing, fpgad uses 0.

-s, --socket <sock>

Listen for event API registration requests on the UNIX domain socket on the specified path.
The default=/tmp/fpga_event_socket.

-n, --null-bitstream <file>

Specify the NULL bitstream to program when an AP6 event occurs. This option may be specified multiple
times. The AF, if any, that matches the FPGA's PR interface ID is programmed when an AP6
event occurs.


If you encounter any issues, you can get debug information in two ways:

  1. By examining the log file when in daemon mode.
  2. By running in non-daemon mode and viewing stdout.


fpgad --daemon --null-bitstream=my_null_bits.gbs

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