coreidle [-B <bus>] [-D <device>] [-F <function>] [-S <socket>] [-G <GBS path>]


coreidle parses the Accelerator Function Unit (AFU) metadata and extracts power information. coreidle calculates the FPGA power and calculates the number of online and idle cores. It moves threads from idle cores to online cores. coreidle is only available the Integrated FPGA Platform. You cannot run coreidle on the PCIe Accelerator Card (PAC).


./coreidle  -B 0x5e -G /home/lab/gbs/mode0.gbs

Idle cores to run online cores at maximum capacity.


-B,--bus FPGA bus number.

-D,--device FPGA device number.

-F,--functio FPGA function number.

-S,--socket FPGA socket number.

-G,--gbs Green bitstream file path.

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