Enable OPAE on FPGA PCIe drivers

FPGA PCIe driver for PCIe-based Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) solutions which implement the Device Feature List (DFL). This driver provides interfaces for user space applications to configure, enumerate, open and access FPGA accelerators on the FPGA DFL devices. additionally, it also enables system level management functions such as FPGA partial reconfiguration, power management, virtualization with DFL framework and DFL feature device drivers.

OPAE 1.3 release supports both FPGA Intel Linux driver as well as Linux FPGA DFL driver patch set1. Linux PCIe FPGA DFL driver supports Intel FPGA devices.

FPGA Upstream Linux driver source code available https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux.git/tree/drivers/fpga?h=v4.19.14


List of FPGA features enabled on different FPGA drivers

FPGA Features OPAE/FPGA Intel driver OPAE/FPGA DFL driver version 1
FPGA Device Enumeration YES YES
Memory map, FPGA control & status registers YES YES
Shared system memory YES YES
Low-latency notifications YES NO
Partial Reconfiguration YES NO
Assign /Release Accelerators to host interfaces YES NO
Metrics/Telemetry YES NO

List of OPAE tools enabled on different FPGA drivers:

OPAE tool OPAE/FPGA Intel driver OPAE/FPGA DFL driver version 1
hello_fpga YES YES
fpgaconf YES NO
fpgad YES NO
fpgainfo YES NO
fpgametrics YES NO
hello_events YES NO
hssi_config YES NO
hssi_loopback YES NO
object_api YES NO
mmlink YES NO
bist_app YES NO
coreidle YES NO
discover_fpgas YES NO
fpga_dma_test YES NO
hello_cxxcore YES YES
ras YES NO
userclk YES NO
nlb0 YES NO
nlb3 YES NO
nlb7 YES NO
packager YES YES