fpgasupdate [--log-level=<level>] file [bdf]


The fpgasupdate command implements a secure firmware update for the following programmable accelerator cards (PACs):

  • Intel® PAC with Intel Arria® 10 GX FPGA

  • Intel FPGA PAC D5005

  • Intel PAC N3000

--log-level <level>

Specifies the `log-level` which is the level of information output to your command tool.
The following seven levels  are available: `state`, `ioctl`, `debug`, `info`, `warning`,
`error`, `critical`. Setting `--log-level=state` provides the most verbose output.
Setting `--log-level=ioctl` provides the second most information, and so on. The default
level is `info`. 


Specifies the secure update firmware file to be programmed. This file may be to program a
static region (SR), programmable region (PR), root entry hash, key cancellation, or other
device-specific firmware.


The PCIe&reg; address of the PAC to program. `bdf` is of the form `[ssss:]bb:dd:f`,
corresponding to PCIe segment, bus, device, function. The segment is optional. If
you do not specify a segment, the segment defaults to `0000`. If the system has only
one PAC you can omit the `bdf` and let `fpgasupdate`  determine the address


To gather more debug output, decrease the --log-level parameter.


fpgasupdate firmware.bin
fpgasupdate firmware.bin 05:00.0
fpgasupdate firmware.bin 0001:04:02.0 --log-level=ioctl

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