fpgabist [-h] [-i device_id] [-b bus] [-d device] [-f function] [path_to_gbs1 path_to_gbs2 ...]


The fpgabist tool performs self-diagnostic tests on supported FPGA platforms.

The tool accepts one or more Accelerator Function (AF) binaries from a predetermined set of AFs. Depending on the available binaries, the tool runs appropriate tests and reports hardware issues.

fpgabist always uses fpgainfo to report system information before running any hardware tests.

Currently, fpgabist accepts the following AFs: 1. nlb_mode_3: The native loopback (NLB) test implements a loopback from TX to RX. Use it to verify basic functionality and to measure bandwidth. 2. dma_afu: The direct memory access (DMA) AFU test transfers data from host memory to FPGA-attached local memory.

The installation includes the AF files, but you can also compile the AFs from the source.

If there are multiple PCIe® devices, use -b, -d, -f to specify the BDF for the specific PCIe® device.


[path_to_gbs1 path_to_gbs2 ...]

Paths to Accelerator Function (AF) files.


You can use the single letter or the full parameter name for the command line arguments.

-h, --help

Prints usage information

-i device_id, --device-id device_id

Device ID for Intel FPGA. Default is: 0x09c4

-b bus, --bus bus

Bus number for specific FPGA

-d device, --device device

Device number for specific FPGA

-f function, --function function

Function number for specific FPGA


fpgabist <path_to_gbs_files>/dma_afu.gbs <path_to_gbs_files>/nlb_3.gbs

Runs fpgabist on any platform in the system that matches the default device ID. This command runs both the DMA and NLB_MODE_3 tests.

fpgabist -i 09c4 -b 5 <path to gbs>/dma_afu.gbs

Runs fpgabist the DMA test on the PCIe® Endpoint with device_id 09c4 on bus 5.

Revision History

Date Intel Acceleration Stack Version Changes Made
2018.05. 21 DCP 1.1 Beta (works with Quartus Prime Pro 17.1.1) Made the following changes: Expanded descriptions of nlb_mode_3 anddma_afu tests. Added a second example command.