Open Programmable Acceleration Engine - Documentation

The Open Programmable Acceleration Engine is a software framework for managing and accessing programmable accelerators (FPGAs). Its main parts are:

OPAE is under active development to extend to more hardware platforms, as well as to build up the software stack with additional abstractions to enable more software developers.

The OPAE SDK is a collection of libraries and tools to facilitate the development of software applications and accelerators using OPAE. It provides a library implementing the OPAE C API for presenting a streamlined and easy-to-use interface for software applications to discover, access, and manage FPGA devices and accelerators using the OPAE software stack. OPAE's goal is to accelerate FPGA adoption. It is a community effort to simplify the development and deployment of FPGA applications, so we explicitly welcome discussions and contributions!. The OPAE SDK source, unless otherwise noted, is released under a BSD 3-clause license.

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